I decided to go back to blogging in May and decided I wanted to do weekly posts, that was a promise I made to myself. Since then I have failed to keep my promise to myself in regards to posting however I have continued to write. My writing has been kept to myself because I wanted my words to be perfect and I haven’t had the time or energy to do so. I wanted to be sure that whatever I published was worth spending the time to read because time is one of the most precious things we have. Since May however almost a year has passed as well as my life has since changed greatly since. So let me tell you about some of the things that have happened since I went missing in action.

One of the most stressful things I endured during May and June was moving! I moved a whole fifteen miles that felt like I was moving across the country because of how hectic and stressful it was. It wasn’t until I started the process of going through everything and determining what I wanted to keep and toss that I realized how much I had actually accumulated in two short years! How is it that the girl that moved across the country with only two suitcases and what could fit in the back of her trunk had accumulated soooo much! Part of me wanted to just burn it all to the ground and start fresh (especially during the times where I was getting really stressy) however that too was a lot of work! And so I continued to pack as one does. Eventually I moved into my brand spankin’ new apartment and tried to make it feel like home. A home that was so wonderfully cozy and in the best location a girl like me could ask for. I was mere minutes from the hip and happening places in downtown Seattle yet I was secluded in this little quaint peninsula that was filled with community. Prior to living in West Seattle I never felt a sense of community in Washington, partially because there wasn’t really one. I love how West Seattle has a good mix of hectic and peaceful with a dash of neighborly support. My favorite part about my new apartment used to be sitting on huuuuuuge balcony sipping my coffee while staring at Mt. Rainer in the distance. I LOVED this view so much I went and got it tattooed on my forearm.

My beautiful balcony view!

As much I loved my new apartment, I hated the new job I got around the same time. The job that once seemed like a dream turned into a never-ending nightmare. For the past five years I had spent all of my energy working towards getting a position in corporate finance. I worked my ass off in college to do well in all my courses, did all the extra curricular and networked like crazy to land a job straight out of school with my dream company. Once I was out of school I once again worked my ass off to get promoted in nine months before transitioning into a corporate finance role. I was excited!!! It was the kind of role I had been working so hard for and towards, only to get there and realize it was not a fit. And this hurt. I felt like all my hard work was for nothing, now what? What would I do now? I had chased the life I thought I wanted only to get there and be sorely disappointed. Thankfully I was only 24 and learned my lesson super early. I decided to focus my attention on determining what my next step was.

I happened to stumble upon my next step. While in my full stack development coding bootcamp I found the most joy in determining the look and feel for a website. Although I enjoyed the coding aspect of it very much, I loved the design aspect. While working in one of my group projects I spent hours playing with font trying to determine what font “spoke beer” to me (we were building a brewery app). Safe to say I enjoyed it very much! After looking into it I found that this was more aligned with what I enjoyed because it encompassed aspects of sociology, psychology, business, marketing, technology not to mention art and design. It seemed like the field where I would be challenged not only from a technical and logical perspective but also artistically as well. Part of the reason I didn’t like working in finance was because I was not being challenged creatively, it felt like the same rigid structure happening on a loop and as if my days were one big groundhog’s day. So I enrolled in grad school!!! I am currently attending Maryland Institute College of Arts getting my Masters of Professional Studies in User Experience Design! I just finished my first semester of grad school, boy is being back in school tough!

My beautiful view tattooed!

Due to going back to school I decided to make my last and final change since last May. I moved once again, however this time it was approximately 3,000 miles back to Florida. While at home for Christmas break in Florida I received a call about a marketing analyst position in my hometown for a tech company. Being what my goals are for the upcoming future, I decided to give it a shot and said goodbye to my life in Seattle within two months of making the decision, I was back in sunny Florida. So far this decision has been the perfect step for me although moving did make me want to set the entire building on fire once again. Can you tell I hate moving?

Back in Jax!

So as you can see, my life the last year has been one giant rollercoaster of highs and lows that we can unpack slowly. Although it was an overall difficult year filled with change, I would say it led me towards the life I want and to be honest, was too scared to have pursued earlier. Now that the dust has settled a little, I am ready to refocus on my blog and channel my creativity on my writing amongst other things. All in all, I am back and will no longer be so MIA. See you next Wednesday! I promise I WILL be back this time!

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